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Liink by J.P. Morgan

Unlocking the power of collective intelligence

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Unleash the power of the world’s first bank-led, peer-to-peer network for secure, privacy-preserving information exchange.

Liink has the potential to enable participants to build applications1 that leverage shared information, making it possible to solve common industry challenges. Network participants exchange data privately while maintaining control over who they connect with, how the data is shared, and who can use it.

Organizations can leverage Liink to establish new business models and unlock new commercial opportunities.

Collective Intelligence

Our mission is to benefit network participants through the power of collective intelligence, a collaborative ecosystem where shared data is more powerful than the sum of its parts.


Applications built on Liink benefit from a set of shared capabilities which can accelerate development for a variety of use cases.

Business Services
Manage back-office operations with our reporting, billing, and information sharing services
Network Participants
Join an ecosystem of vetted participants who have made millions of network transactions
Network Infrastructure
Build applications using a secure technology stack providing access to a blockchain network, hosting infrastructure, tools and integrations to quickly bring use cases to life
LIINK Applications

Liink’s applications can help solve complex information sharing challenges:

Why build on Liink?
Tailored co-innovation so you can collaborate with confidence.
Deep expertise so you can solve for today and tomorrow.
Save time, cost and resources by using our network & APIs so you can bring your ideas to market faster.
Uncompromising security so you can build securely.
Access a ready-made network of participants to quickly reach scale.

Liink’s popularity and utilization are on the rise.


Participants on the network2


million transactions have been executed on the Liink network since launch2


countries covered by the Liink network3

Together, we’re fostering superior results backed by an uncompromising approach to security.

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