The Circularity Assessment Protocol (CAP), developed by UGA, will create a snapshot of Maldives’ circularity to holistically characterise how consumer plastic flows into a community, is consumed, and flows out. The CAP uses field data on plastic inputs, consumers, product design, use, collection, waste management and leakage into the environment, and interviews with key stakeholders. It will provide data for local, regional, and national policy and decision‐making, to reduce leakage of single‐use plastic into the environment and increase circular materials management. See an example report from the Pune, India, assessment here.

A qualified Local Implementation Partner, hired by eXXpedition and trained by UGA, will carry out the CAP data collection in Malé city and surrounding islands, and facilitate the presentation of the research findings at a stakeholder meeting. UGA will create a report summarising the circularity assessment data, which will be provided to the Maldives government and people to inform their decision making on plastic waste management.



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