Our Approach

Tackling plastic pollution at the source

Maldives SHiFT is a holistic programme to help tackle plastic pollution in Maldives, led by eXXpedition CIC, in partnership with the DEFRA-funded Ocean Country Partnership Programme, the University of Georgia and the Commonwealth Secretariat, and with the support of the High Commission of the Republic of Maldives to the United Kingdom.

The initial phase of the Maldives SHiFT programme begins in 2023 and will consist of three parts: a Virtual Leadership Programme, a Circularity Assessment and an action-focused Stakeholder Meeting.

Following this initial phase, eXXpedition intends to support the implementation of solutions to plastic pollution, in line with the findings of the Circulatory Assessment and outcomes from the Stakeholder Meeting.


Plastic pollution in the ocean is causing devastating environmental and health impacts globally and there’s no silver bullet solution to solve it. The problem needs to be tackled at the source and approached from many angles simultaneously.

At a community level, individuals and local groups need empowered leaders to drive their awareness and help them understand the real problem of, and solutions to, plastic pollution in their local environment.

Decision-makers at a local, national and international level need data to take an informed holistic approach to identify successful research-driven solutions in policy, infrastructure and industry innovation.